Damien Anderson | Owner and Instructor

Damien Anderson

Damien Anderson is the head instructor at All In BJJ and the head instructor at the Rutgers Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club. Damien has traveled all over the world to teach World Class Jiu Jitsu Instruction, in countries like the Philippines, Taiwan, Costa Rica, and Canada just to name a few.

Damien is still an ACTIVE competitor and he sees this as an advantage to other Martial Arts gyms. Damien stated, “I truly believe the fact that I’m the only active competitor in the area gives me a huge advantage. Most head instructors compete for 5-10 years and then they stop and open a school.

The problem with this, is that the instructors fail to keep learning the newest jiu jitsu. We are constantly innovating the sport. Imagine the iPhone 3 when it came out. It was an amazing phone at the time, however, in just a few years we already have the iPhone 11.

The true value I bring to my students is the highest quality of jiu jitsu in the world.

Empowering the Community of Somerset County Through Quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instruction

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