How to Get Better at Jiu Jitsu Faster

How to Get Better at Jiu Jitsu Faster

Active problem solving in the moment during our rolls is extremely important. Yet what’s more important is the problem solving that comes after our rolls. Each roll there are mistakes being made... some mistakes are obvious... getting submitted, losing a submission, getting our guard passed. These are obvious mistakes. When we finish our rolls the MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do is ask ourselves “Why?” Why did my guard get past? Why did I get submitted? Where did I lose inside position?

This is the key to progressing as an athlete or progressing in anything for that matter. In order to build ANY skill. You must first be able to identify where your mistakes are being made. Only then will you be able to fix them, thus leading to a rise in your skill.
Focus more on the problem solving process and less on explosiveness and athleticism and you will jump leaps and bounds.

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